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Creating a B.O.L.D. Circle

Creating a B.O.L.D. Circle

When was the last time you checked your surroundings?

I’m not only talking about your actual physical surroundings.

I’m thinking about – and envisioning – your support structures.

I’m wondering about the folks who serve as your cheerleaders of boldness, wholeness, realness, and happiness.

I’m zeroing in on your wellness and how your surroundings heal or contribute to any cracks, fractures, or denials about your state of being.

It’s challenging to keep your surroundings in stellar condition.

It’s a balancing act that no one truly shows or teaches us.

Add life + goal alignment to the mix

What is that?

What is the proper path?

What is the blueprint?

What is the design?

We wonder.

It’s a lot to navigate while you’re living, growing, failing, rebuilding, and trying.

It feels overwhelming – and often we don’t want to stretch – not just yet.

It’s easier to go back to the safety of the mundane – the rhythm of the dull routine – the rote motions of the day-to-day.

*breathe in. breathe out*

How can you check your surroundings without disrupting your entire life?

You have to balance your circle.

Here are the initial steps:

C: Curate your bold entourage. Fill your team (entourage) with folks who want the best for you – even when you resist.

I: Invite some strong, bold, and competent people to take a more prominent role in your circle. Aim higher.

R: Resist the need or urge to keep people pleasing. Put yourself in the front row and get clear on how your surroundings should look and feel. Level up.

C: Create routines that nurture and stretch you. Get real about the wellness upgrades (mental and physical) that need to happen NOW (not just when you have more time).

L: Let go of toxic people and situations. Stop worrying about what others will think about your focus on balancing your circle. This is not a dress rehearsal. Live fully today.

E: Engage in deeper conversations with your upgraded and balanced circle. Leave all the fluff and facades on the sidelines so you can be more present and fulfilled.

What is the state of your “life” surroundings?

Are you pleased with them?

How balanced is your circle?

What is one upgrade can you make this week?

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.