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Happy American Business Women's Day!

Happy American Business Women's Day!

When I (officially) went into business for myself in 2014, I spent a lot of time researching ‘how to do business’ instead of just trusting myself and getting going.

A lot of women are socialized to question themselves about everything.

  • Is it the right time?
  • Do I know enough?
  • Am I someone others would buy from or listen to?
  • Why would I try when someone else is already doing what I want to do?
  • Is my “look” appropriate for the business I want to do?
  • Am I the correct age to start a business?

And the list of unnecessary questions goes on and on.

When my high-achieving clients come to me and they are questioning their timing, worth, or expertise – I have them self-reflect on these questions.

  • Am I currently living the life I love?
  • Will starting my business (or any other big plan) improve or worsen my life?
  • If I move forward with my plan(s), what’s the worst thing that could happen?
  • How would I deal with this “worst thing” if it happens?
  • Based on my current situation, what are my options right now – for starting this business?
  • If I start today, what is my first – best step?

Taking a moment to pause and then attending to any mental chatter is an important step for starting anything – especially a business.

Going through this process for myself reminded me that

  • I am enough
  • it’s OK to be a skilled beginner
  • my expertise from my previous career would translate easily into a profitable business
  • it’s best to always bet on myself

The simple act of disrupting self-doubt or fear allowed me to engage my higher order thinking skills.

And when I was in this headspace, more options for profitable business ideas and operations were revealed to me.

Having a reflective process likes this can give you some relief so you can feel empowered to deeply address ideas that stress you out and get in the way of you making bold moves.

If you try it, please let me know how it goes.

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.