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Journaling: Make it Habit Forming

Journaling help us organize our thoughts and gives us a mental break. It’s a mindful activity that helps us to focus on what really matters.

3 tips to help avoid creating productivity obstacles

Procrastination usually shows up when we feel nervous or uncertain about a task we need to complete.

Creating your own success markers

Shine a lens on being your best self so that success, large or small, will be continually nurtured.

Push pause - and have a "refresh" day

It’s difficult to stay hopeful, creative, productive, and assured when you feel like you can’t catch your breath.

What's your theme word for this week?

Having a theme word is a great way to help us focus on what really matters.

Take a break from foolishness

If you feel like you’re dragging yourself across the finish line of this week - and are feeling disconnected with yourself, explore these journal prompts.